Gardens, Gardens Everywhere

Kohl's Cares About ME and Sebasticook Valley Health are pleased to announce school partnerships for the 2015 garden season. We are very excited to partner with local schools. 

Maine Central Institute, in Pittsfield,  is planning to enhance their solar greenhouse.  They will also be planting a large garden to provide vegetables to the students, both at snack time and in the cafeteria.

Warsaw Middle School, also in Pittsfield, plans to build raised beds with a high tunnel.  They also hope to start composting cafeteria waste and collecting rainwater. They would like to provide snack time vegetables for both Warsaw Middle School and Vickery Elementary.

Etna/Dixmont School's proposal is to plant spring and fall gardens.  They will extend their seasons with both high and low tunnels.  They are hoping to provide snack time vegetables as well.

St. Albans Elementary School is planning a school-wide project.  Soon their front lawn will be a matrix of raised beds. Low tunnels will extend their growing season.  They are hoping to provide fresh vegetables to the school cafeteria.

RSU19 Alternative Education is already building their aquaponic system.  They will be raising tilapia and vegetables in a close-loop symbiotic system.  In this form of gardening, the fish supply nutrients to the plants and the plants filter the water for the fish.  They plan to have harvest dinners a couple of times a year.  Menu- fish and veggies!

Clinton Elementary School planted raised beds.  They planted vegetables that were enjoyed by the students in the cafeteria in the fall.  They are already planning their garden for next year.
Etna/Dixmont School garden is exploding in the summer sun! Green peppers galore, potatoes, even watermelon are doing great! Even with the extreme drought, they were able to harvest vegetables for the cafeteria in the fall.  Students enjoyed melons, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes.

The MCI garden is growing potatoes and squash for the cafeteria.
Aquaponics is the growing of  fish and vegetables in a closed loop system.  This garden is year round and indoors! The outdoor garden is producing beans and sunflowers.
The aquaponics program teaches the students how to garden year round! They also learned carpentry!
The first harvest of the aquaponics system provided many meals of fresh produce!
Students were able to bring home the harvest!
Several tilapia provide nutrients to the water so the plants can thrive!
Nokomis High School garden will include late harvest vegetables.  They will also be dehydrating herbs.
The St. Albans School Garden is growing well!  They even planted a sunflower house. The sunflower house will be a great place for the students to read this fall.
Warsaw Middle School has several raised beds in which they are growing lots of veggies! Cucumbers and spinach will be ready for the return of students!
Warsaw Middle School is growing spinach.  They even painted garden rocks to identify the plant!
Sunflowers planted by Warsaw students will be blooming this week.
Warsaw students will be conducting experiments with the pumpkins they are growing in their outdoor classroom!
Lettuce ready for the cafeteria when school starts!